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  • Comfortable Fit Nose And Mouth Cover Shield

  • Easy To Wear Everywhere And Regain Freedom

  • Ergonomic With High Air Flow Model Design

  • With Anti-Fog Properties Materials Even For Winter

  • Extremely Lightweight And Comfort Put and Forget

  • Easy To Clean And Re-Use As Many Times As Needed

Dvantages of LucidShield

Disadvantages of LucidShield

  • Limited stock
  • Online purchase through the official website only
  • No information on what it’s made of

Since it invaded the world almost a 12 months ago, the COVID-19 pandemic has modified the way humans stay and have interaction with every different in enormous ways. Due to the pandemic, a “new normal” has been introduced, with more than a few protocols in vicinity to assist humans stay with the situation.

The world is nonetheless struggling with the pandemic, and one of the methods to curb its unfold is to use facemasks. However, there are one-of-a-kind kinds of facemasks, some of which are now not even fine towards the COVID-19 virus. With a superb face mask, you can live on and remain on the safer facet from the unfold of the contamination of this deadly disease.

This evaluation is about LucidShield, a obvious facemask with three layers.

What is LucidShield?

LucidShield is a obvious facemask that consists of three layers. Made by way of a United States-based company, LucidShield is double-strap and durable, designed to fight the have an impact on of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re a survivor of the pandemic or you function on an daily go-getter schedule, this masks ought to be one of the great weapons to shield you towards the affect of the scourge.